Monday, 3 April, 2017


Monday, 3 April, 2017

Workout of the Day:

Warm Up:
15 Each:
Sit Up
Back Extension
Push Up
Pull Up
For time:
Run 800 m
30 Pistols
30 Hand Stand Push Ups
Run 800 M
30 Box Jumps
30 Kettle Bell swings
Run 800
30 Push Ups
30 Wall Ball
Run 800

3 Responses

  1. Chad Greiner

    I love that moment when you walk into another gym(Backcountry Crossfit) and you are a bit nervous because you have no idea what the WOD is and everyone is looking at you like, “who is this guy?” and you walk up to the board and the WOD is totally in your wheelhouse(burpees, toes to bar and row) and you give a slight fist pump and say “Yes” under your breath.