Kids: September 30, 2019


Kids: September 30, 2019

Warm up:

Follow the Leader: Athletes take turns leading the group around a designated space performing movements of their choice.  Set guidelines regarding which equipment (if any) they can touch. 1 min time limit per leader is recommended


Skill work: 

Perfect Pull Up Relay: Divide the group up into 2-3 teams and place two cones approximately 10m apart for each team.  One at a time, athletes run from one cone to the other and perform the very best pull up they are capable of.  Trainer gives clearance for the athlete to return to his or her team.  If needed cues are provided to correct the movement until appropriate technique is demonstrated


Partner AMRAP

I Go, You Go

3 Pull ups Each

3 Deadlifts Each

3 Box Jumps Each

Run 100m Together!