Kids: September 25, 2019


Kids: September 25, 2019

Warm up:

Freeze Tag

Skill work: 

Tarzan Swings: Align Bars so that they create a line long enough for athletes to get a few swings in a row. First have the athlete hold onto the bar as if they were going to do a pull up with both hands overhand and thumbs around the bar. Have them side shuffle down the bar until the reach the end of the line you have created.  If that was doable for them have athlete stand underneath bar with one hand on each side of the bar. From here, they will need to pick up their feet and move one hand along the bar followed by the other hand, swinging hand over hand creating a Tarzan like motion


Station Rotation:  30 seconds in each station with a 30 second to a minute rest between rounds.  3-4 Rounds.

Handstand Push Up on  a Box

Monkey Hangs

Jumping Squats

T Push Ups