Kids: September 22, 2016


Kids: September 22, 2016

Warm up:

3 Rounds of

15 yd Bear Crawl –>

<– 15 yd Lunge walk

15 yd Crab walk –>

<– 15 yd Broad jump

10 Jumping Jacks

Skill work:

Wall games: Starting in the plank position, walk feet up the wall and hands in towards the wall stopping at a height for which the athlete can maintain midline control.  Ideally, this is fully inverted but for many kids a lower position is more appropriate.  Call out skills such as hand lifts, traversing sideways, head taps, shoulder taps, lifting one foot of the wall, etc.  Athletes walk back down to the plank position under control


AMRAP in a given amount of  time of

2 Push ups -> 2 Stinkbug push ups -> 2 Donkey kicks

10-20 Rope jumps