Kids: October 8, 2019


Kids: October 8, 2019

Warm up:

Round the Table:  Go around the circle and allow each athlete to choose a movement for the group to preform 10 reps of, including the trainers.  This is a good time to discuss what makes a good warm up.  Encourage the athletes to think about which parts of their bodies need to be warmed up and choose movements accordingly.  Trainer may put limitations on movements ex: no equipment.

Skill work: 

Double Overhand Soccer Throw: 


 Station Rotation (30 seconds to a minute in each station.  1 Minute rest between rounds.  4 Rounds)


Handstand Kick Up

Box Jumps

Push Press

Throw and Catch of Trainers Choice (against wall, in a bin, in air and catch etc.  Can change each round)