Kids: October 31, 2018


Kids: October 31, 2018


Warm up:

Steve Says!


1.  Which has more sugar game.  Divide class into two teams similar to playing Food Family Feud.  The trainer will call out two foods food (ex: banana and a sweet potato).  Teams take turns guessing which food has more sugar.  If a team guesses wrong the trainer will let the other team try to think of a food that has less sugar than the lower of the two. If they are successful they can steal the point! Trainers may need to have phones handy to look up sugar content of foods.  

2.  Vampire Tag:  The game starts with one tagger, this is the vampire.  Each time someone is tagged they also become a vampire until the entire class is a vampire.

3.  Crossfit bowling

4. Swamp Monster: Divide the class into 4 teams. They will have a home base at each corner of play area. One athlete will need to be the swamp monster in the middle gaurding the swamp.  Inside of four cones in the center are a handful of items, balls, plates, noodles, toys etc.  Each team takes turns one at a time trying to gather items from the swamp.  If they get tagged they have to head back to their base and perform 3 squats before they can try again. If they had an item in their hands they must drop it before returning to base. Only one athlete from each team may be trying to gather an item at a time.  Other team mates must be waiting on base.  Once all items are collected from middle count to see how many each team collected and switch out swamp monster.