Kids: October 31, 2017


Kids: October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! ¬†You may wear your costume to class today as long as you can exercise in it and it won’t get ruined in the process ūüôā ¬†Be safe and have fun tonight!

Warm up:

Zombie Tag (

Skill work:

“Perfect” Push-up relay:¬†Divide the group up into 2-3 teams and place two cones approximately 10m apart for each team. ¬†One at a time, athletes run from one cone to the other and perform the very best¬†push up/stinkbug push up they are capable of. ¬†Trainer gives clearance for the athlete to return to his or her team. ¬†If needed, cues are provided to correct the movement until appropriate technique is demonstrated.


Monster Mash: Perform 2 min of each of the following 

Round 1 : 3 Push ups & 6 Kettlebell swings

Round 2: 3 Stinkbug push ups & 6 Deadlifts

Round 3: 3 Handstand Kick ups/Donkey kicks & 6 Kettlebell Hop overs


End of the month: Kids Choice!