Kids: October 29, 2019


Kids: October 29, 2019

Warm up:

Over Under Around and Through: Have athletes use a band in groups of three.  They will practice working together to have one of them go over the band while the other two hold the band down low, then under while they hold it high and then through while they open it up into a circle.  Once all groups have practiced you can add an extra challenge of having them race to see who can have each of their group members go over under around and through and then sit down and say time the fastest. Make sure you touch on safety of using the band and that they cannot stretch it too tightly and then let go as it could hurt their partner.

Skill work: 

Angry Birds Relay:  Stack Various foam pads, cones etc.  Have students line up in either one line or two depending on class size.  Have them take turns running and tossing a med ball at the structure and knock it all down.



1 Shuttle Run

3 Pull Ups

6 Deadlifts

9 Sit Ups