Kids: October 21, 2019


Kids: October 21, 2019

Warm up:

Icebergs:  Have athletes run (or skip or hop etc) in a circle around the room.  Have set up 3-4 “Icebergs” either hula hoops or something to denote the area.  When ready trainer will call a number.  The athletes have to make that many people on each iceberg.  Anyone without an iceberg or the appropriate number of people on the iceberg does a movement and then start again.

Skill work: 

Wall Ball


Crossfit Baseball

Home: Box Jump

Lunge Walk to 1st

1st: 3 Pull ups

Bear Craw to 2nd

2nd; 10 Rope Jumps

Crab walk to 3rd

3rd: 3 Wall Ball

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