Kids: October 1, 2014


Kids: October 1, 2014


Warm up:

Alternating tabata: Squats & Donkey kicks

Skill work:

Superman – Hollow – Plank


“Rock around the clock”

Set 6 Kettlebells up in a large circle with cones evenly spaced in between (picture a clock face where the even numbers are KB and the odds are cones).  Perform the given amount of deadlifts at each Kettlebell and the given amount of Burpees at each cone.  Travel as many times around the clock as possible in a given amount of time.  Each time you go around increase the number of reps at each position (i.e. Round 1, 1 rep at each station.  Round 2, 2 reps at each station, etc).  Every time you get back to 12, run 100m.