Kids: November 5, 2019


Kids: November 5, 2019

Warm up:

Rowling: On a rower have athletes row and try to hit exactly 50m.  For however many meters over or under 50m they achieve, the athletes will perform a burpee.  Keep in mind the damper and make sure it is set to a safe level for each athlete

Skill work: 

Shrug with a band then with dumbbells: To help athletes feel which muscles they should be engaging when shrugging during the clean have athletes use a band under their feet. Have them hold each side and shrug up allowing the band to give them resistance.  Immediately follow with having them try the movement unweighted and see if they can engage the same muscle group without feedback. Then move to dumbbells.




8 Squats

8 Sit Ups

8 Pull Ups

2 Forward Rolls