Kids: May 29, 2017


Kids: May 29, 2017

Warm up:

Switch! Place 4 cones in a large square and one cone in the center.  One player stands at each of the 5 cones and the remaining players wait in a line for their turn to enter the game.  The player at the center cone calls “Switch!” and all 5 players must attempt to move to a new cone.  The object is not to get stuck in the center.  Whichever player does not successfully get one of the 4 outside cones, or remains stuck at the same cone they started at, is out.  A new player from the line moves to the center cone and the game repeats.  Change methods of moving from cone to cone every once in a while.

Skill work:

CrossFit Bowling


With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible of

Partner A: 5 Ring rows, Partner B: Plank hold

Switch places and repeat

Partner A: 5 Front squats, Partner B: Burpees

Switch places and Repeat

5 Chest pass (each)