Kids: May 16, 2018


Kids: May 16, 2018

Warm up:  

2 Forward Rolls, Toy Soldiers 10m, 3 Box Jump  Overs 10m , Bear Crawl 10m

Skill work:

Arch Up Drills:  Have athletes start laying on their backs.  Have them place their hands palms down, fingers pointed towards their heads and feet planted on the floor.  Have them try to raise themselves up into an arch.  Second, have them try once they are in arch to raise one foot up as high as they can and balance and then the other.  If safety awareness is visible you may have them position a few inches from a wall and work up into the arch and take one foot and place on wall, then the other foot and walk slowly a bit up the wall.  Make sure only the athletes that can support themselves with their arms attempt this level.




6 Deadlifts

6 Mountain Climbers

3 Forward Rolls

Run 100m