Kids: March 7, 2018


Kids: March 7, 2018

Warm up:

Move around the cones and FREEZE: Set up cones in a circle. Athletes run move around the circle in whatever fashion the trainer calls out. When “Freeze!” is called, athletes try to stop as quickly as possible and freeze like a statue.

Skill work:

Hips to the Wall Drill: Start with students standing with backs ~4 inches from the wall.  Practice pushing hips back until they contact the wall and then returning to the standing position.  Legs should remain relatively straight (as in a deadlift) and feet move progressively farther from the wall with each rep until a deadlift set up position is achieved.  This drill can be performed unloaded or with a very light kettlebell.


In teams of 3-4, rotate through 30 sec at each of the following stations

Pull ups

Box jump overs