Kids: March 2, 2020


Kids: March 2, 2020

Warm up:

Farmers and Lumberjacks: Spread a bunch of tall traffic cones (trees) around the workout space.   Assign half the class to be Farmers, who work to keep the cones upright (plant trees) and the other h wialf of the class to be Lumberjacks who tip over the cones (cut down trees).  Recommended guidelines: only hands can be used to tip or stand up cones, kids switch roles at least once during the game.

Skill work: 

Angry Gorilla Parade:  Starting in the “Angry gorilla” position, walk hands forward followed by the feet and then return to “Angry Gorilla” (heels down, hips low, arch the back and beat your chest).  Sounds effects optional ☺  For older groups you could spread items through out the space and when trainer yells freeze if they are standing near one of the item they may deadlift it and put it back where it was before beginning parade again.



6 Pull ups

6 Presses

Lungewalk with weights at sides across room

6 Front squats

Lungewalk with weights in front rack back.  (ideally use same weights for every movement)