Kids: March 16, 2020


Kids: March 16, 2020

Warm up:

Mixed Tabata:  Pick 8 movements that can be done for 20 sec each without equipment and rotate through them, Tabata style.

Skill work: 

Seated Angry Gorilla: Athlete starts seated on a box.  Start by making an “angry gorilla back” and beating chest.  Keep body position the same and reach down to pick up a bunch of bananas. Stand up. Peel and eat banana  


Station Rotation:  30 seconds at each station.  3-4 Rounds with a 30 second rest each round.  ( one athlete per station, create as many stations

as you need.  Station options are as follows taking their own kettlebell with them to the next station.

-kettlebell swings

-kettlebell deadlifts

-box step ups

-shuttle runs 

-goblet squats

-jumping jacks

-dot drills