Kids: June 7, 2018


Kids: June 7, 2018

Warm up:

Farmers & Lumberjacks: Spread a bunch of tall traffic cones (trees) around the workout space. Assign half the class to be Farmers, who work to keep the cones upright (plant trees) and the other half of the class to be Lumberjacks who tip over the cones (cut down trees). Recommended guidelines: only hands can be used to tip or stand up cones, kids switch roles at least once during the game.

Skill work:

Musical Squats: Athletes start out standing in a circle (or a line if that works better) in a squat stance with pinky toe side of shoes touching. While music plays, athletes squat in pairs with “neighbor knees” touching to facilitate keeping knees out in the squat. When the music stops, the two athletes in the act of squatting move to the outside of the circle and continue squatting until only 4 are left and the game starts again.


AMRAP in a given amount of time of

10 yd Bear Crawl

7 Toes to Bar

7 Squats