Kids: June 21, 2018


Kids: June 21, 2018

Warm up:

Steve Says: Set up a circle of cones in the middle of the room and kids start the game by running around the cones.  At the call “FREEZE!”, everyone stops and then a location and movement are called out.  The kids go to that location in the room and perform the stated repetitions of the movement.  When they are done they resume running around the cones. Repeat as desired.

Skill work:

Food Family Feud: Divide the class into groups of 4-6 athletes. One athlete at a time (alternating between teams) ask for a [protein/carbohydrate/fat] that they like to eat at [breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack]. Teammates can help if the selected athlete is unsure.  If a valid answer is given the active team selects a movement to do 5 reps of.  If an incorrect answer is given, the other team selects the movement.  Remember that there are often multiple correct answers!


AMRAP in a given amount of time of

15 Squats

10 Push ups

5 Sit ups