Kids: July 3 , 2018


Kids: July 3 , 2018

Warm up: 

Switch Cones: Set up 5 cones (4 corners and one in the middle). The game starts with an athlete at each of the 5 cones and the rest of the group waiting in line.  The person at the center cone calls switch and all athletes must move to a different cone than the one they are standing at.  The athlete that ends up at the middle cone exits the game and the next person in line tries.  Consider changing the method of movement between cones and if your class is large, creating some activity for those waiting in line to keep them from standing still too long. 

Skill work:

Stinkbug Push Up:  With athlete in plank position have them slowly walk their feet closer to their hands so that their bottoms are pointed toward the ceiling.  Under control have the athletes lower the top of their heads to the floor and press back up. Each time have them walk their hands a bit closer to hands to help illustrate that is is more challenging the closer the feet are to the hands.  Have them stop when they cannot press up from bottom position.



Station Rotation

Have athletes rotate through stations in 30 second increments with a 30 second rest between rounds.  3 to 4 round total.

Stinkbug Pushups

Pull ups


Wall Ball