Kids: July 17, 2014


Kids: July 17, 2014


Warm up:

3 Rounds

Agility ladder -> Backpedal 15m -> Log roll 5m -> Roving plank 15m

Skill work:

Reach for the floor!


3 Rounds of 30 sec each of the following

Jump rope

Sit up

Push Press

Kettlebell Swing

Rest 1 min between rounds


2 Responses

  1. Kelly,
    These pics of the med balls lined up with kids facing them look fun! What are they doing in the pics? Is this a game? Because it looks like it is, so that’s good, right? 😉
    Jennifer Smith
    CrossFit Kids, Mission CrossFit SA

    1. KB

      Jennifer –
      The game is “Frogger” as in the old school arcade game. The balls are the “cars” and the “frog” tries to frog hop down the mat without getting hit by a car. Med balls and mats are a good idea so they don’t hurt when they crash 🙂