Kids: July 13, 2016


Kids: July 13, 2016

Working on overhead position

Working on overhead position

Warm up:

Alternating Tabata: Jumping Jacks & Plank holds (3-4 Rounds of each)

Skill work:

Knock out: Players start in a line 10-15 ft from the wall.  The first two players have a dodgeball.  On “go”, they both attempt to throw the ball to a target.  They must keep trying until one of them hits it.  The first person to hit the target hands the ball to the next person in line.  If he or she hits the target before the person who was in line in front of them, that person is “knocked out” and gives the ball to the next person in line.  Cycle through players continuously.  Feel free to place boundaries on where throws can be made from which can be universal or specific to each player and can be changed as the game progresses.


AMRAP in a given amount of time of

10 Deadlifts

5 Tuck jumps

1 Throw to target (multiple targets at different heights recommended)