Kids: January 18, 2017


Kids: January 18, 2017


Warm up:

“Whistle” Drill

Bear Crawl & Crab walk

Squat thrust & Push ups

Backpedal & Skipping

Skill work:

Food Family Feud: Divide the group into two teams.  Ask an individual from one team at a time to name a type of food they might have at a given meal (i.e. name a protein you might have for breakfast).  They may get assistance from their teammates but the individual must decide his or her final answer.  If correct, the individual gets to decide what movement the team will do 5 reps of.  If they answer incorrectly, the other team gets to choose the movement for them.  Alternate between teams with each new question.


“Stinky” Diane: 15-10-5 Reps of


Stinkbug push ups

* If 15 is too many reps for an athlete, consider scaling to AMRAP of 5 of each movement and just call time when appropriate.