Kids: January 12, 2017


Kids: January 12, 2017

Skill time: Working on plank

Skill time: Working on plank

Warm up:

Switch sides

Skill work:

Heel Balance Drill: Deadlift


AMRAP in a given amount of time of

3 Heel balance Deadlifts –> Side shuffle 5ft X 4

10 Mountain Climbers

Set up 4 rubber squares (or Bumper plates) 5ft apart in a line.  Athletes start on the first square and perform 3 Deadlifts with the toes hanging off the front edge.  Once the third deadlift is complete,  side step to the next square holding KB and repeat this process down the line.  After the last set of Deadlifts, carry the KB to a cone 5-1o yds away.  Put the KB down and perform 10 Mountain climbers.  Then, pick the KB back up and carry back to the line of rubber squares to begin again.  Athletes keep the KB with them throughout the workout so keep it lighter than usual for this one.