Kids: February 26, 2020


Kids: February 26, 2020

Warm up:

Jump Rope Warm Up:  Have athletes circle up with a jump rope.  Call out different movement options and have them do it for 30 seconds.  Ex:  Side to Side, High Knees, In and Out, Criss Cross, Fanny Whackers, Front and Back, Double Unders, Etc.

Skill work: 

Squat Potato:  Using a toy “Hot Potato” or a ball, stand and pass the “potato” around in a circle.  Before each person passes, he or she should complete an air squat. When the the buzzer sounds (or the trainer calls freeze), whoever is holding the potato decides what movement the class will do 3 reps of before resuming the game.



8 Front Squats

4 Box Jumps

2 Handstand Kick Ups

Run 100m