Kids: February 24, 2020


Kids: February 24, 2020

Warm up:


3 Rounds

2 Forward Rolls, Jump Over 3 Boxes, High Knees Through Hurdles,  Inch Worm 10m


Skill work: 

Super Slow Squats: Starting in the squat stance, athletes descend to the bottom of the squat over ~4sec and then return to standing.  As they are moving slowly, emphasize the points of performance that comprise a well executed squat (ie. hips back, heels down, knees out, etc.  Some times it is helpful to turn this into a game and see who can take the longest to get to the bottom of the squat while still executing all the points.


Station Rotation

Jumping Squats

Rope Pulls (trainer chooses number of pulls up the rope that is appropriate for athlete)

Rope Jumps

Push Ups