Kids: February 17, 2020


Kids: February 17, 2020

Warm up:

Ship to Shore:

Explain all commands to athletes.  They are pirates and are awaiting orders from the captain.  

Ship- Black Mat placed near rig

Shore- Gray Mat

Captains Coming- Stand Tall and Salute

Swab the Deck- Hold Plank

Man Overboard- 3 Donkey Kicks

Submarine- 3 Squats

Captain Hook- Make a hook with thier hand and say Argh.

Call out commands until athletes are warm


Skill work: 

Musical Squats: Athletes start out standing in a circle in a squat stance with pinky toe side of shoes touching.  While music plays, athletes squat in pairs with “neighbor knees” touching to facilitate keeping knees out in the squat.  When the music stops, the two athletes in the act of squatting move to the outside of the circle and continue squatting until only 4 are left and the game starts again




3 Toes to Bar

Lunge Walk Across Room

6 Kettlebell Swings

Frog Hop Across Plates back to Toes to Bar