Kids: February 12, 2020


Kids: February 12, 2020

Warm up:

Icebergs: Have athletes run (or skip or hop etc) in a circle around the room.  Have set up 3-4 “Icebergs” either hula hoops or something to denote the area.  When ready trainer will call a number. The athletes have to make that many people on each iceberg.  Anyone without an iceberg or the appropriate number of people on the iceberg does a movement and then start again.


Skill work: 

Bring Sally Up Bring Sally Down: Play the song Flower by Moby.  Instruct athletes to listen to song and when the song says “bring sally up” they need to go to top of movement.  When song says “bring sally down” they go to bottom of movement. Song is approx 3 min. Switch between squats and pushups at trainer discretion




4 Handstand Kick Ups

4 Box Jump Overs

4 Squats

4 Toes to Bar