Kids: February 12, 2018


Kids: February 12, 2018

Warm up:

Mixed Tabata: Pick 8 movements that can be done for 20 sec each without equipment and rotate through them, Tabata style.

Skill work:

Toes to Bar on Floor then Hanging:  Have athletes lay on the floor with their hands over their heads.  Have them pull their bodies into hollow and then curl their bodies up until their feet are as close as possible to their hands without moving hands.  If you have an adjustable bar available you may use this down low for them to hold on to as they curl their bodies up to their hands.  From here, have the athletes hang from a bar and try to mimic that same curling motion to allow their feet to touch the bar.


Team Wod:  In teams of 3-4 complete 4 Rounds.

One teammate at each station for 30-45 seconds and rotate.

  1. Jumping Squats
  2. Hang Cleans
  3. Toes to Bar
  4. Rest Station.