Kids: August 8, 2019


Kids: August 8, 2019

Warm up: 

Animal Tag: Divide athletes into four groups and have them go to corners of space.  Have each group choose an animal. When game begins if they tag someone they tell them what animal they are and the person they tagged becomes the same animal as them.  Play continues until all players are the same animal.

Skill work: 

One Legged Deadlift: Starting out unloaded, athletes stand on one foot.  Maintaining a neutral spine (angry gorilla back), bend down and touch the ground keeping the hips higher than the knee.  If balance is good and positions are maintained, try it with a very light kettlebell or dumbbell (10lbs or less)


 1-3 Pulls up the Rope (trainer decides based on athlete)

6 One Legged Deadlift

10-20 Rope Jumps (trainer decides based o athlete)

6 Front Squats