Kids: August 6, 2013


Kids: August 6, 2013

T-Push ups

T-Push ups

Warm up:

3 Rounds

Bear crawl 15m -> Roving Plank 15m -> Crab walk 15m ->5 Kip swings

Skill work:

Windshield wiper drill


Lunging Darts:

Lunge walk to the cone and throw the ball through the designated target.  The throwing line gets progressively further from the target with each round.


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    1. KB

      Erin- The idea is to create rotation at the shoulder versus just flexion and extension. I have them do an exagerated shoulder rotation with the shoulder and elbow at 90 degrees (so that it looks like a windshield wiper) to get the feeling of rotation for the cocking phase and follow through of the throw. After a few reps they speed it up and tone down the rotation to what we would actually want to see in a good throwing movement. I am sure there are a bunch of other ways to do it, this was just one we came up with.