Kids: August 30, 2016


Kids: August 30, 2016

More throwing practice from last month

More throwing practice from last month

Warm up:

Plank Games

Skill work:

Set up: Knees behind the PVC – Set a PVC pipe in the rack at mid-shin and a kettlebell underneath it.  Have athletes stand over the kettlebell and hide the knots of their shoes under the PVC.  With straight legs, bend over and touch the kettlebell.  Bend the knees, keeping shins behind PVC and set an Angry Gorilla Back. 


Partner AMRAP in a given amount of time of

10 yd Wheelbarrow walk

Partner A: 7 Deadlifts, Partner B: 5 Tuck jumps

10 yd Wheelbarrow walk (switch positions)

Partner A: 5 Tuck Jumps, Partner B: 7 Deadlifts