Kids: August 21, 2018


Kids: August 21, 2018

Warm up:

400m Skill run: Run 400m with stops every 50-100m to perform 5-10 reps of various exercises (Squats, Plank hold, Jumping Jacks, etc.) *Recommend this is Trainer led

Skill work:

Barrel roll relays: Starting in a plank position, keep middles as straight as possible and swing the outside hand up and over into a reverse plank position (body facing up).  Rotate again into regular plank.  Continue across the floor considering the following variations: alternating roving plank and barrel roll, add a push up every time you reach traditional plank, have teammates step or hope over “planks” on the way back (*caution: this is fun but the relatively safety awareness of athletes is an important consideration).


In teams of 3, using the Roving Plank as your pacer, complete as as many rounds as possible of

Teammate A: Roving Plank 20 yds (10yds down and back)
Teammate B: Toes to bar
Teammate C: Kettlebell swings