Kids: August 20, 2019


Kids: August 20, 2019

Warm up: 

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Partners line up across from each other.  When the Trainer calls GO, both partners move to the center of the space using the designated movement.  Play Rock-Paper-Scissors.  The person who loses the match performs 3 reps of an assigned movement and both partners return to their starting positions.  Repeat!

Skill work: 

Granny Toss/ KB Swing-  Start with athletes holding a light med ball.  As they deadlift it up have them send their hips back and toss the ball across the room.  Encourage them to keep their chest tall throughout the entire movement.  After that give them a kettlebell (make sure you instruct them to NEVER let go of a kettlebell mid swing) and have them use the same technique with the angry gorilla back to swing the kettlebell.



Station Rotation 1 min at each station with a 30 second rest between rounds. 3-4 rounds per trainer discretion.

Kettlebell Swings

Wall Ball


Jumping Squats