Kids: April 16, 2018


Kids: April 16, 2018

Warm up:

CONE!  In pairs, athletes line up on either side of a cone.  Listening carefully, both partners perform the movement called by the Trainer.  When the word “Cone” is called, both partners try to be the one to snatch the cone up off of the ground.

Skill work:

Shrugs with a Band: To help athletes feel which muscles they should be engaging when shrugging during the clean have athletes use a band under their feet. Have them hold each side and shrug up allowing the band to give them resistance.  Immediately follow with having them try the movement unweighted and see if they can engage the same muscle group without feedback.  Then move to dumbbells.




3 Handstand Kick Ups

1 Forward Roll

1 Trip Through Agility Ladder 

6 Front Squats

Bear Crawl Back to Beginning