Kids: April 13, 2016


Kids: April 13, 2016

Warm up:

“Whistle” drill:  Start with the first movement in each pairing.  When the whistle is blown (or the Trainer calls “switch”), perform the second movement.  Transition back and forth between the two movements until ready to progress to the next pairing.

Crab walk & Bear crawl

Squat thrust & Tuck jump

Sit ups and Barrel rolls

Skill work:

“Quick Draw” elbows: Start with thumbs in front of armpit and elbows high. Swivel elbows under and forward into the front rack position (Laser beams high!)

If appropriate, add in the the “Drag & Draw“: Start with arms straight and thumbs pointing at legs.  Drag thumbs up the sides of the body to front of the armpit and then repeat the Quick Draw.


AMRAP in a a given amount of time of

3 Wall ball

6 Hang power cleans

9 Broad jumps