Important info for Prom attendees


Important info for Prom attendees

Attention party goers…


This is a camera.  You cannot text on it or talk on it.  It does not play music.  It will not update your Facebook status. It just takes pictures. Perhaps you remember using one a long, long time ago.  You have to wind it before you take a picture and then you have to put your face up to the little widow in the back to see what you are taking a picture of.  We know. Its crazy.

We have purchased some of these archaic devices and they will be distributed around the party so that you can take pictures with your friends and we can all laugh at them later. You all did a pretty good job when we used them for Casino Royale so we are going to go for it again.

So that we will be able to see who is in the picture and have a fabulous slide show to wax nostalgic over later, please take a look at these simple tips for better picture taking: 10 Tricks to Taking Great Shots with Disposable Cameras.

In case you need a reminder of how fun Agoge Prom Night is, or if you are just getting a little bit excited (we are!) here are some videos from years past:

Agoge Prom Night 2014

Agoge Prom Night 2013

Agoge Prom Night 2012

Agoge Prom Night 2011

Agoge Prom Night 2010