Friday, 18 November, 2011


Friday, 18 November, 2011

Carmen smiling her way through some sit ups. We are off to D.C. but leave you in the very loving arms of Maple. Class schedule is as normal through the weekend. Have a good one!

I don’t normally, knowingly delve into politics here, but this article is worth the read to hopefully open your eyes a touch as to just how incompetent our government is

Workout of the Day

Wall Squat 3 minutes

In Teams of Four, complete 2 rounds of the following for time:
200 Box Jumps
150 Dumbell Thrusters
100 Hand Release Push Ups
50 Dead Lift (225/ 155)

Only one person may work at a time and the team may not move on to the next exercise until all of the reps have been completed. Scale as necessary for teams that have either too few or too many team mates.