Friday, 18 April, 2014


Friday, 18 April, 2014

Bruno getting up and off the box quickly.

Bruno getting up and off the box quickly.

Workout of the Day:

Group Warm Up:

As Many Rounds as Possible at a Warm Up Pace in 10 Minutes of:

10 sit ups, inchworm across to the blue mat performing 2 pushups every time you reach plank.  Bar traverse to rolling white board.  Bear craw to GHDs.  10 squats, 10 hip extensions.  Burpee Box Jumps to the infinity rig.  10 dips either on rings or bars.


Row 1000 M

1 Rope Climb

30 Wall Ball

30 Deadlifts (185/ 135)
30 Pistols

30 Overhead Squats (95/ 65)

30 Dips

1 Rope Climb

2 Responses

  1. kelli

    weights- 2x12x55% straight bar vs. bands- 95#; speedy deficit sumo pulls 1x15x70%- 175#; KB hell (one min KB eye level swings, one minute plank x 5 rounds)

  2. kelli

    have to share my success…had to do 30 high box jumps for weights. Started on 24″. Added one black mat. Did 5. Added another, did 5. Got to 4 black mats- 1/2″ or so shy of 30″. I’ve been at this for 6 1/2 years and have had some nasty misses, so this was a huge mental victory for me. 🙂 I don’t have specific thanks to give, instead I will thank all the folks at Agoge! Great things are possible with all the support here!