Friday, 13 July, 2012


Friday, 13 July, 2012

Carmen has shown some great improvements since coming back from shoulder surgery. Here she is getting well below parallel.

Workout of the Day


So, another one of the anecdotes that we saw posted on the board at one of the gyms that we have visited spoke specifically of weightlifting and here is the wisdom.

“Spend a lot of time here: 60-75% of 1 RM: Practice/ 75-85% of 1 RM: Practice under Pressure (you may fail here)”
“Spend some time here:85-90% of 1Rm: Training Capacity/ 90-95% of 1RM: Training Capacity under pressure.”
“Spend a small amount of time here: 95-100+% of 1RM: this is for testing your programming, not building strength.”
So, for today, I would like for you to live at the 60-85% range and maybe on your last set go for some new numbers. Remember, the snatch is a high skill lift and thus requires a lot of warming up and making sure that you are getting into the right positions at the right time!