Congrats MHS Class of 2016!


Congrats MHS Class of 2016!

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It was a pleasure and an honor to watch these young men and women step across the threshold yesterday.  We are proud of you for the time you spent in the gym and for all the things you have yet to do.  Your Agoge Family congratulates:

Terrell Banuelos
Holly Brooks
Maggie Bynum
Kyle Cox
Jack Gore
Royal Haulman
Jasper Hoag
Tex Hostetler
Daniel Hurford
Lauryn Huska
Savannah Huston
Andrew Locke
Evelyn Luna
Randen Mathias
Hope Morris
Natalie Moureaux
Emma Nocas
Cassie Padilla
Bridget Pneuman
Elisa Vannicola

Some of you were with us for only a short time, others for years.  We wish you all the best as you venture out into the big wide world.  We hope you will come back and visit from time to time.

Our doors are always open.