PRE -K: November 21, 2019


PRE -K: November 21, 2019

Warm up: 

Switch Sides:  Give two very clear targets such as a coned off area or a mat.  Call Switch Sides and they will run, skip, bear crawl etc to the other target.  Change up Movements.

Skill work:

Pick Up a Med Ball and Toss Over a Bar:  This is a way to practice angry gorillas, shrugs and two hand throwing all in one.  Have them practice each part of the movement focusing on the area that the athlete struggles with most.


Station Rotation (10-20 Seconds at Each Station) 3 Rounds

3 Box Jumps

3 Push Ups

3 Jumping Jacks

For the Rest Station Have them Line Up and Take Enough Time for Each Athlete to Pick Up a Med Ball and Toss Over Bar.  Start Again.