Pre-K March 19, 2018


Pre-K March 19, 2018

Skill work:

Decorate the Cookie: Place either hula hoops or make circles out of jumpr ropes to represent “cookies”.  Have the athletes run to a line approx 5 feet from the cookie and toss a bean bag to decorate the cookie.  Have them take turns like a relay until all decorations are in the circles. Trainer picks the prettiest cookie.

Warm up:

CONE!: In pairs, athletes line up on either side of a cone.  Listening carefully, both partners perform the movement called by the Trainer.  When the word “Cone” is called, both partners try to be the one to snatch the cone up off of the ground.



10 ft Lunges

2 Donkey Kicks

10 ft Frog Hops

2 Monkey Hangs