Pre-K: January 18, 2018


Pre-K: January 18, 2018

Skill work:

See-Saw Press: Set a pull up bar with a jumprope looped over it so that athletes can sit on the floor under it with legs outstretched and reach the handles.    Have them practice pulling on the ends so that as one hand goes up to “press up the sky”, the other lowers down to the shoulder.  Focus on positions.  Then try without the rope and try to find the same positions.  Last, move hands symmetrically to find the set up and overhead positions.

Warm up:

Steve Says: Set up a circle of cones in the middle of the room and kids start the game by running around the cones.  At the call “FREEZE!”, everyone stops and then a location and movement are called out.  The kids go to that location in the room and perform the stated repetitions of the movement.  When they are done they resume running around the cones. Repeat as desired.


In teams of 3-4, rotate through 3 Rounds of ~15 sec at each of the following stations.

Lateral hops

Standing See-Saw Press

Mountain Climbers