Pre-K: August 8, 2017


Pre-K: August 8, 2017

Skill work:

Hips to the Wall Drill: Start with students standing with backs ~4 inches from the wall.  Practice pushing hips back until they contact the wall, be an “Angry Gorilla”  and then return to the standing position.  Legs should remain relatively straight (as in a deadlift) and feet move progressively farther from the wall with each rep with the goal of achieving a deadlift set up position.  

Warm up:

3 Rounds

Climb over 3 boxes (placed a few feet away from each other) -> Backpedal 5 yds -> Frog hop 5 yds -> Zig zag side shuffle around the cones


AMRAP in a given amount of time of

5 Angry Gorillas

3 Inchworms

1 Forward roll