Pre-K: August 30, 2016


Pre-K: August 30, 2016

Skill work:

Stance: Knees behind the PVC – Set a PVC pipe in the rack at mid-shin and a dodgeball  underneath it.  Have athletes start a few inches behind the PVC and make an Angry Gorilla.  Inch forward keeping shins behind PVC for each rep.  When they are over the ball in an Angry Gorilla, they can drop their hands down to pick it up.

Warm up:

Two station relay- Divide class into two groups  lined up behind two cones (10-15 ft apart) facing each other.  On “Go!” the first person in each line runs across and gets in the back of the opposite line.  Feel free to change up movements (skip, hop, etc) and/or add two more cones (to make a diamond shape) that they must run around to get to the other line.


AMRAP  in a given amount of time of

Dodgeball pick up:  using the skill work set up above, have athletes stand over the ball with knees behind the PVC to pick up the ball with an Angry Gorilla Back.

Throw to target

Up and over 4-5 boxes laid out in a circle