PRE -K: August 1, 2019


PRE -K: August 1, 2019

Warm up: 

Steal the Bacon: Divide athletes in two teams and line them up facing eachother about 10 m apart.  Give each athlete a number that matches the number on the opposing team. In the middle, place a n item, a band, pool noodle or something to represent “bacon”.  When you call a number those two athletes race to the middle and try to be the first to steal the bacon and bring it back to their line. The other team has the opportunity to tag them on the shoulder before they reach the boundary.  If the team gets the bacon to their line they choose 3 of a movement for the other team to do, if they get tagged them the other team chooses 3 of a movement.  For a smaller class, athletes can go against the trainer.

Skill work:

Supermarket Scramble: Place a collection of plastic toy foods or pictures of foods at one end of the room and line the kids up on the other.  The trainer calls out a macronutrient group (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat) and on “3-2-1- Go” kids run to the other end of the room and try to find an example of that food group.  Remember some foods can fit into more than one macronutrient group. And, while there are potentially better or worse choices within each group, strive to avoid saying anything is a “bad”choice.  For younger age groups you can stick to calling out Fruit, Vegetable, Grain, Meat ETC.  



Mini Obstacle Course Workout:  Have athletes travel through a mini obstacle course but make sure you have a landing spot for the following movements: 

4 Push Ups

4 Lunge Steps

Ex: Jump over two boxes, swing on a rope, 4 Push Ups in a hula hoop, Bear Crawl to a target, Trip through agility ladder, 4 Lunge Steps and start again!