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Paul Anderson, for whom the "Anderson Squats" are named for, was a world champion powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter and Strongman.

Paul Anderson, for whom the “Anderson Squats” are named for, was a world champion powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter and Strongman.

Main Event:

Anderson Squat: Max 3

80% x AMAP

Set the pins or chains to the height of the bottom of your sumo deadlift position


Bandy Good Mornings x 200 in as few as possible

GHRs x 100


3 Responses

  1. kelli

    155#x3, 165#x2, out of position on the last attempt; 80% x AMAP-135#x25. last time we did Anderson squats was 9-25-12, 145#x3

  2. Heidi

    Had to laugh, this is the pict I found when I looked up the strongest man in the world last week. Impressive 6270#. Also looked up Donnie Thompson, 1st to lift 3000# total. Homework complete. Sorry I had business in GJ today gals, see ya next week!

  3. Okay, I felt bad about not doing my homework so I did a little research on powerlifting and women and came across Mabel Rader. Mabel was a pioneer in women’s powerlifting. I don’t believe she set any records but more importantly, she paved the way for us women today.

    “Peary [husband] and Mabel were the first and only couple to be inducted into the hall of fame in all three sports of physique, weightlifting, and powerlifting. She was also the first woman referee in all three sports. And when you combine that with being the first women to be named to a weight-oriented Hall of Fame, being a promoter of women lifting, being a seller of their own name brand weight equipment, and being a co-founder and associate editor of Iron Man magazine & Lifting News, you got what heck of a woman!”

    I also came across a photo of the most beautiful sumo DL I’ve ever seen (1st photo in the slide show).

    My last Anderson squat was also 9/25/12, 145 x 3 and 155 x 1 – 30# PR yesterday!