Good Morning! Good Monday!


Good Morning! Good Monday!

Max Effort Squats:

Main Event:

Full Range Safety Squat Bar Good Mornings: Max 5

50% 1 Good Morning/ 1 Squat x AMAP


Dimmel Deads 40% x 25×5

Reverse Hypers x some


2 Responses

  1. kelli

    This looks fun for tomorrow. 🙂
    Benchy big Monday. Bands vs floor press 1rm. 90#; AMAP 80%-8@70#; AMAP no bands 80%-17@70#; front side back delt raises x100 each-10#db

  2. john

    Got up to 225 with the Safety Squat bar. It was my first time with that bar, and oh boy was it just like dog food tastes… TERRIBLE!

    Then I hit 34 +1 on the AMAP only to get donkey stomped by Nething. Wrapped up with some Dimmel deads with the crew. I am humbled by the level of athlete that I constantly find myself surrounded by.

    Fun and games tomorrow am!