Good Morning! Good Monday!


Good Morning! Good Monday!

Max Effort Squats:

Main Event:

Full Range Safety Squat Bar Good Mornings: Max 5

50% 1 Good Morning/ 1 Squat x AMAP


Dimmel Deads 40% x 25×5

Reverse Hypers x some


2 Responses

  1. john

    Got up to 225 with the Safety Squat bar. It was my first time with that bar, and oh boy was it just like dog food tastes… TERRIBLE!

    Then I hit 34 +1 on the AMAP only to get donkey stomped by Nething. Wrapped up with some Dimmel deads with the crew. I am humbled by the level of athlete that I constantly find myself surrounded by.

    Fun and games tomorrow am!