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WOD Weight Lifting

Speedy Thursdays

Dynamic Effort Squats Straight Bar Free Squat 5×5 @ 80% Speedy Conventional Deads 70% x 1 Every minute on the minute for 15 Reverse Hypers (heavy-ish) 10×5 Accumulate 100 Reps of Abs
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Max Effort Squats

ME Lower Body Power Cleans: 10 Reps at 90% or above Kettle Bell Hell: 5 Rounds of 1 Min KB Swings, 1 Min Plank 100 Toes To Bar 100 Back Extensions
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Manly Mondays

Jenny N getting to the bottom of the squat Need help with the box Squat?  Here  is what Mark Bell has to say. Max Effort Bench: Split Jerk: max 1 5 reps at 90% DB Floor press: Amap in 60 seconds x3 Barbell rows: 5×5 DB Shrugs x 200
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Friday Fast Chesticles

Dynamic Effort Bench Speedy Close Grip Bench vs 2 Chains per side: 3×12 @ 50% SeeSaw Kettle Bell Press 30×3 Renegade Rows 50 Reps (Push up, row, push up, row= 1) Barbell Rows 25x 3
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Move Fastly-ish!

Dynamic Effort Squats Free Squat: 5×8 @ 70% Conventional Deadlift (Speedy!) 1×15 every minute on the minute Reverse Hypers Abs
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MEB Wednesdays

Work up to a 1 RM Bench in the Slingshot 90% x AMAP 80% x AMAP Barbell Rows 5×5 Heavy DB Shrugs x 200
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Wave 1 Week 1 Max Effort Squats

Max Effort Squats: Sumo Deadlift work to 80% x3 then add chains until you hit a PR Kettle Bell Hell (Heavy) 1 Minute Russian Swings/ 1 Minute Plank 200 Bandy Leg Curls
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