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WOD Teens

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Teens: 16 February, 2015

Warm Up: 10 Squats-> Bear Crawl 10 Push Ups-> Lunge Walk 10 Grass Hoppers-> Broad Jumps 10 Tuck Jumps-> Forward Rolls Skill: Deadlift Workout: 15-12-9-12-15 Deadlift Handstand Push Ups Skill: Kipping Swings and Pull Up Progression
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Teens: 12 February, 2015

Warm Up: Mixed Tabata of: Push Ups Knees to Elbows Tuck Jumps Med Ball Cleans Skill: Push Press Workout: Death By: Push Press Pull Ups Skill: Sprints
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Teens: 11 February, 2015

Warm Up: Medicine Ball Warm Up Skill: Hang Power Snatch Workout: 21-15-9 reps for time of: Hang Power Snatch Toes to Bar Front Rack Lunge Steps Skill: 10 Mins to establish a 5 RM Power Clean
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Teens: 10 February, 2015

Warm Up: 10 Sit Ups-> Lunge-> 10 Kipping Swings-> Broad Jump-> 10 Push Ups-> Bear Crawl-> 10 Mtn Climbers-> Forward ROLL Skill: Deadlift Workout: Modified “Olivia” 12 MIN AMRAP of: 12 Deadlift 13 Burpee Box Jump 14 Wall Ball Skill: 3 mins MAX Push Ups
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Teens: 9 February, 2015

Warm Up: Alternating TABATA: Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups, Burpees Skill: Overhead Squats Workout: “3/5 Nancy” Run 400 M 15 Overhead Squats Skill: Row vs Handstand Hold
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Teens: 5 February, 2015

Warm up: Alternating Tabata (2 sets of 4 Rds of each): BTB Squats & Push ups Skill: Handstand skill work WOD: Ultimate Wall Ball Skill: Skin the cats
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Teens: 4 February, 2015

Warm Up: 10 Kipping Swings-> Bear Crawl-> 10 Squat Jumps-> Crab Walk 10 Knees to Elbows-> Inch Worm-> 10 Sit Ups-> High Knees Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull with KB Workout: Team Chipper: Row 30 Calories 30 Front Squat with Bar 30 Push Ups 30 SDLHP with KB 30 Lunge S
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Teens: 3 February, 2015

Warm Up: Run 400m. Then 2x through 30 Seconds each 0f: Squats-> Push Ups-> Sit Ups-> KB Swings Skill: Dumbell Push Press Workout: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Dumbell Push Press Burpees Wall Ball Skill: Rope Climbs
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Teens: 2 February, 2015

Warm Up: Mixed TABATA of: Squats, Sit Ups, Tuck Jumps, Push Ups Skill: Hang Power Clean Workout: AMRAP in 7 Minutes ascending by one of: Hang Power Clean, Toes to Bar, Double Unders Skill: Grip Work: Plate Holds and Monkey Hangs
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